Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Story

So one of the autism groups is collecting stories from auties, right? Well. What the hell is there to say? I'm self diagnosed. I haven't done anything triumphant. I'm a fairly average person living a fairly average life. I haven't had anything to "overcome". I've just had to hold tight and wait out my brain developing. Developmental delay means slow, not stopped. The waiting sucked. But here I am, a fairly average 17 year old, in her first apartment, holding down a job, and trying to decide how to meet people and be social.

The only unordinary thing is that I am 33.

I sorta recall that some parts of my life were spent frantic, but looking back, I'm calm now so the now is everything and I can't think of anything interesting to tell anyone.


So if anyone has any ideas what you are supposed to tell people when telling them about yourself when they ask things like "what is your story in regards to autism"... please comment and gimme a hand. I think "it's all very ordinary" is very important. High Functioning Autism isn't that big a deal. Your just a social retard and it takes you a bit *cough cough* longer to reach adulthood. Or teenhood. Whatever.

I dunno.

Seems kinda silly to ask a group who statistically lives in an endless NOW about a possible THEN and to describe how you felt when you've moved past that feeling into feeling whatever the now is. I suppose for those still in the then it's different, but once you are passed it, what do you do to explain that you aren't who you were.

halp halp.


  1. Hey Abi,

    I could help you out...just email or IM me..and we'll figure it out, silly :-))


  2. >.>

    I'd forgotten entirely that I even wanted to do that. Huh. *laughs*