Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'round the world!

my favorite site, recipezaar is doing an around the world game. i can't wait to start cooking. i even roped my mom into it since her diet is less restrictive than mine is so that i have more cooking options!!

i don't understand why anyone anywhere doesn't LOVE to cook. you are what you eat. literally. if you eat crappy food you have nothing but crap to build cells from and then people are surprised so many chronic diseases are on the increase.

but mostly cooking is an act of love. you love the earth as you gather in produce and you love the animals as you gather in meats and you love your body as you put together foods that taste good and nourish you. there is nothing in the act of cooking that doesn't make me feel better, from the shopping to the digesting.

unless i'm retarded and eat grains.

i was going to go to they gym. but the clouds were black and full of snow and suddenly eating and snuggling with amira and putting together cookbooks for the game seemed much more doable. i love colorado :)

may and snow!!


  1. Booo for snow! You can have mine. I will be in the back yard covering all my plants with plastic....AGAIN!

  2. I TOLD you it was gonna be a snowy summer! Didn't I? Didn't my little wolf nose twitch and say "snow til late"?

  3. It sure did. Always trust a wolf when it comes to the weather. Not so much when it comes to watching your hamburger while to go to the bathroom...

  4. i will watch yer handbergers. i watch them verr close. yuo leaves them with me. you go potty now. bergers is verr safe nao!